It’s Christmas Eve, and Synnøve (51) is searching for her drug-addicted daughter
Michelle (31) in an almost desolated city. She grows increasingly anxious she won’t
find her. Or find her dead. Finally, Michelle shows up at a tram stop where the local
drug scene is bustling. Michelle is sick with withdrawal and the situation is strained. She
makes it clear she won’t come home with Synnøve unless she gives her money for
drugs to keep her afloat. Synnøve obliges, but has less money than Michelle wants. As
Michelle goes off to buy drugs, Synnøve takes her jacket as collateral to ensure she’ll
come back. Synnøve goes to wait in the car when her granddaughter Isabell (8) calls.
She’s home alone waiting for them and is sick of being neglected every time Synnøve
is out looking for her mamma. Isabell wants Synnøve to return home immediately and
turns her phone off after a quarrel, that leaves Synnøve in the dark. Synnøve fears
Michelle won’t show up and doesn’t know what to do. Then Michelle suddenly comes
back, and the evening seems to get a somewhat happy ending. But on the way home,
we realize things aren’t quite what they seem