Fish It, is a cut out stop motion animated short film, created during a 2D Stop Motion Animation seminar-workshop, in May and June 2022, at the Graphic Arts, Typography and Book Arts Studio of thw Athens School of Fine Arts.

Purpose of the seminar was introduction into Stop Motion Animation and creation of a collaborative stop motion short film from start to finish.

The persons responsible for the seminar were the undergraduate student Chrysa Voudouri and the Studio technical staff member Kostas Backas.

12 students participated, who collaborated in groups, after jointly deciding how to create the animation (paper cut out – creating all the scenes and the moving parts with cut out colored papers), and the script (the story and characters of the student Iliana Fafouti were voted on).

According to the storyboard made by the students and with the director’s instructions, each group undertook to implement some scenes, i.e. to make the characters and scenery with paper and to take all the necessary shots for the scene in the studio set up for this purpose in the Studio. Some of the students also took on the role of coordinator, so that while one group was filming, the others were preparing their material. Each student also made for themselves a paper cut out character for the end credits, while student Thalia Vegkou created a digital typeface specifically for the film. After all the shots were done, the images were transferred for post production, which was also done in the Lab, as was the design of all the sounds.

During the seminar the students were introduced to animation and video production, in the context of expanding the subject matter of Graphic Design.

The students who participated in the seminar (in alphabetical order): Elena Asimakopoulou, Iliana Fafouti, Spyridoula Fideropoulou, Themis Gourgiotis, Stefania Karabela, Myrto Papadopoulou, Eva Rizou, Katerina Skordou, Christianna Sotiriou, Margarita Stefanidou, Alekos Tranoulidis, Thalia Vegkou.