17th Cyprus International Film Festival, 12-19 November 2022

During the past decades, huge steps have been made towards the development and promotion of cinematography in Cyprus both in terms of the artists themselves but also in terms of events and festivals that are organised.
In effect, it is with great pleasure that the Deputy Ministry of Tourism is one of the proud sponsors of the 17th Cyprus International Film Festival, an acclaimed European festival, which hosts young and promising artists from all over the world. It is no coincidence that the said event already holds the EFFE label, the European quality certificate awarded to artistic festivals that promote diversity, inclusiveness and internationalization of cultural dialogue.
For the Ministry of Tourism, the promotion of arts and culture is inextricably linked to the Tourism Strategy 2020 – 2030 in an attempts to preserve such an important cultural heritage as well as to offer the visitor a holistic, memorable experience. Diversity and inclusion of all social groups and high quality of services are among the strategic priorities of the Deputy Ministry of Tourism, as dictated by the multicultural environment of Cyprus.
Within this context, we are confident that the Cyprus Film Festival will enrich the tourist experience and will gradually attract guests from abroad, acting as a stand-alone product.
It is our conviction that the community of artists from all over the world will constitute one of the best ambassadors for our destination. On the one hand, artists promote the destination through their lens of sensitivity and creativity, while on the other hand, they effectively work towards promoting Cyprus as a unique filming destination.

The Deputy Ministry of Tourism congratulates the organizers for yet another successful festival and we are certain that this year’s films will inspire the audience of Cyprus!

Savvas Perdios
Deputy Minister of Tourism

Greeting - 17th Cyprous International Fim Festival - 16 11 22

Distinguished guests,

Dear friends,

I am very pleased and honoured to welcome you to Strovolos Municipal Theatre for the 17th Cyprus International Film Festival. The Municipal Council and I have a very strong interest in promoting and supporting the arts and art workers. This Festival plays a crucial role in promoting and showcasing the work of talented artists from Cyprus and around the world for 17 consecutive years! Your contribution to the arts, filmmaking and also social change is paramount. The films projected accompanied by discussion panels and presentations not only offer creators the opportunity to share their work with society and art lovers but also to shape our worldview.

I have always believed that the arts in general and films in particular are one of the most powerful tools to promote social change through evoking empathy and promoting understanding of the “Other”. Through films, we can enter into the lives of others, as if we were part of their everyday life, because of the visual intimacy of the medium of film. That is how we can tread the world momentarily in other people’s shoes and get a grip of their reality. Film has also another evocative characteristic: it has no restrictions and it can overcome any boundaries, linguistic, national, societal and others.

Consequently, we are thrilled to host the Golden Aphrodite awards ceremony. Congratulations to the awarded artists, and also all participants. Let me thank and congratulate the organizers for their hard work and dedication. Thank you all.

Mayor of Strovolos
Andreas Papacharalambous

Greeting - 17th Cyprus International Film Festival

We, the volunteer organizers and professionals in the art and film industry, despite the adversities and natural disasters that have hit our planet, in an effort to offer a little oasis of culture, establish a crossroad for artists to meet audiences and to bridge ideas in historic Cyprus. We are happy to be acknowledged by the Deputy Ministry of Tourism, the National Mechanism for Women Rights, OPAP Cyprus and the Italian Embassy. We warmly thank our VIP Jury, our communication sponsors, the Mayors of Strovolos and Nicosia, associates and volunteers who all actively support the Festival. We are proud that this year we are collaborating with WIFT-Women in Film and Television in Cyprus with a selection of 90 films and the opportunity of networking with WIFT International. We thank from our hearts all who have enabled us this year to make this Cinema celebration with inspiration and creativity.
Enjoy the screenings!

Director, producer
Founder and CEO CYIFF