14th Cyprus International Film Festival


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13th Cyprus International Film Festival


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12th Cyprus International Film Festival




11th Cyprus International Film Festival



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10th Cyprus International Film Festival Awards


Reference Number: , Press Release Issue Date: Sep 27, 2015

The 10th Cyprus International Film Festival was held in “Technopolis 20″ in Pafos under the moonlight and the candlelight. Malta participated at this festival with the feature film ‘Simshar’ written and produced by Ms. Rebecca Cremona. ‘Simshar’ was the winner of the coveted Golden Aphrodite award in the category of feature films. Representing the Embassy of Malta at the award ceremony was the Hon Consul General of Malta for Limassol, Mr. Michael Louisides, who collected the award on behalf of Ms. Cremona. Ms. Rebecca Cremona was also winner of the Best Producer Award at this Festival.

IMG 7181 1 300x196Mr. Michael Louisides, Hon Consul General of Malta flanked by Ms. Petra Terzi, organiser of CYIFF and Mr. Xueyang Hu VIP Juror

IMG 7182 200x300Mr. Michael Louisides holding the Golden Aphrodite


You be the judge
IMG 6848 2 300x200

The Cyprus International Film Festival returns to the island next week, with a marathon of films from around Europe and beyond that will compete for the prestigious Golden Aphrodite award. This year, organisers, Cine@Art, are asking film lovers to take part in the judging process.

The festival is being staged in both Paphos and Nicosia with evening viewing times scheduled from next Wednesday to the following Sunday. The programme includes a total of 12 short films and 12 feature films.

“In Paphos, depending on your availability, you can be part of the committee for features or short films,” Cine@Art’s Petra Terziof told the Cyprus Weekly. “It is easy for someone to get the flair of film judging and, as usual, several film directors will be present to support the screening of their film.”

Local jurors will have the privilege of judging alongside film pros Bollywood producer Vivek Singhania from India, George Roberson from Canada as well as the acclaimed Chinese film director Hu Xueyang.

“Entrance is free to everybody for the screenings at the Neapolis Amphitheatre and in Nicosia as well,” Terziof explained.

“At Technopolis, only four feature films will be screened from the 10 films that compete for the Golden Aphrodite awards with the directors’ attendance. The other four feature films will be screened in the Neapolis Amphitheatre.

“There will be private screenings for the last two feature films that will be screened once in Nicosia for the independent local jury for the Golden Aphrodite films.”

This year’s festival represents a landmark as the event celebrates its tenth edition. According to the organisers, the festival “presents an interesting screening programme of short and feature films that will satisfy the most demanding viewer and anyone who wants to live the magic of cinema through the fresh positive vision of young artists from Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, England, Holland, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, India, Poland and Malta.”

Organisers said that an atmosphere of “high morals’ and the “financial crisis” would give importance to the European dimension of this year’s programme and help the development of intercultural dialogue. In Paphos, the event will take place in two venues, the outdoor courtyard of Technopolis 20 and the amphitheatre of Neapolis University. Films will be screened in their original languages with English and Greek subtitles. Jurors need to register in advance and will have free access to the screenings.

The Cyprus International Film Festival (CYIFF) was established in 2004 as a non-profit organisation. CYIFF is the first international film festival held in Cyprus with a “competition section” in categories that include feature, short, animation, video art/dance/music, humanitarian, sport, and children films, devoted exclusively to independent emerging filmmakers.

The event was inspired by a group of dedicated individuals including event organisers, film producers, cinema experts, multimedia and audio visual specialists.

The festival offers the opportunity to young aspiring directors from all over the world, to present their work in front of a Jury Committee and to receive a form of recognition through one of the awards. Attracting film-makers from all over the world, in 2011 it received film submissions from 95 countries.

For audience members attending the Paphos event, there are two ticket prices depending on how many days you attend. Tickets prices include wine. Go to www.technopolis20.com  for details.

In Paphos, at Neapolis University, the full screening event runs from Wednesday, September 23 until the 29.

At Technopolis, the event runs on the 23, 24 and 27. For the complete programme for this multi-day event and to find out about being part of the jury, email cyiff2015@gmail.com or phone 99798112.
Golden Aphrodite awards presented to the winners of the 10th Cyprus International Film Festival



Gold news:
Winners Awarded at the 10th Cyprus International Film Festival



The 10th Cyprus International Film Festival (CYIFF) award ceremony took place on September 27 at ‘Technopolis 20′ in Paphos.

According to a press release, the ceremony was presented by the director of the festival Petra Terzi along with the representative of the independent jury Natalie A Dalheimer.

There was a screening of the awarded short films “The Story Teller”, “Spooky & Linda” and the Golden Aphrodite winner feature film “Simshar”.

Member of the Jury Xeyang Hu said that he is honoured to be a VIP judge at the 10th CYIFF adding that this it is “a very high standard festival for independent filmmakers”. He also mentioned that he is currently in Cyprus in order to prepare his next feature Film “IQ Zero”, an international co-production involving Chinese, European and US cinema agents.

“It will be a high budget project of about 10 million euros. As Cyprus occupies a special geographical location at the junction of Europe, Asia and Africa and provides most of the specialized needs of this ambitious production we intend to shoot about 80% of the outdoor scenes locally”, he explained.

He added that he also plans to use a lot of the local production resources and that his film will feature the natural beauties and tourist facilities of Cyprus to the global market.


AWARDS 2015 – CYIFF 2015
A)Feature Films
“Golden Aphrodite” First shown Film Directors
1. Best Production Design in a Feature Film: Su Erdon / Jindaoxinxin – “Ili river” (China)
2. Best Sets / Costumes in a Feature Film: Maria Papadopoulou – “Anemistiras” (Hellas)
3. Best Score in a Feature Film: Ve Linhua – “Ili river” (China)
4. Best Editing in a Feature Film: Ricky Rijneke and Nina Petrovna – “Silent Ones” (Netherlands)
5. Best Leading Actor in a Feature Film: Panagiotis Vogopoulos “The Lion of Penteli” (Hellas)
6. Best Leading Actress in a Feature Film: Shared to a) Danai Androulaki “Anemistiras”(Hellas) & b) with Violeta Markovska “The Woman of my Life” (Bulgaria)
7. Best Script in a Feature Film: Anastasia Kozimpa – “Dark Illusion” (Hellas)
8. Best Cinematography in a Feature Film: Gergely Pohárnok, Jean-Paul de Zaeytijd & Dirk Rijneke – “Silent Ones” (Netherlands)
9. Best Director in a Feature Film: Rebecca Cremona – “Simshar” (Malta)
10. Golden Aphrodite: Rebecca Cremona – “Simshar” (Malta)
11. Nostimon Imar Award: Konstantinos Koutsoliotas – “The Winter” (UK)


Golden Aphrodite VIP Jury:

1. Hu Xueyang, director – China
2. Vivek Singhania, producer – India
3. George Roberson, producer – Canada

B) Short Films
CYIFF 2015 Got Talent

1. Best Short Film: Christian Wehrlin – “Spooky and Linda” (Switzerland)
2. Best Cinematography in a First Short Film: Andrzej Cichocki – “Shadow Forest” (Poland)
3. Best Director in a First Short Film: Christian Wehrlin – “Spooky and Linda” (Switzerland)
4. Honorary Mention for the Story to the first animation short film by Akis Melachris & Melissaropoulos – “Oliloves” (Hellas)
CYIFF 2015 Veteran’s Short Films

5. Best Veteran’s Short Film: Andreas Sheittanis – “The Story Teller” (United Kingdom)
6. Best Direction in a Veteran’s Short Film: Andreas Sheittanis – “The Story Teller” (United Kingdom)
7. Best Cinematography in a Veteran’s Short Film: Jeffrey Celis – “The Story Teller” (United Kingdom)


Monday, 28 September 2015
FESTIVALS: Simshar Wins Cyprus International Film Festival
by Maria Gregoriou

fea13055df317047323c1dde09cfffbc L
Simshar by Rebecca Cremona


NICOSIA: Rebecca Cremona’s Simshar won the Golden Aphrodite Award for Best Film and Best Director at the 10th Cyprus International Film Festival Awards (CYIFF). The festival wrapped in Paphos on 27 September 2015.

The Golden Aphrodite feature films jury was composed of Hu Xueyang, Vivek Singhania and George Roberson. The members of the short film jury were: Maria Palmer, Natalie A Dalheimer, Chistianna Xenofontos, Kyriakos Kyriakou, Lucie Robson, Michalis Nikolaou, Yiannakis Chatzihannis and Paul Marcel Jones.

Chinese director Hu Xueyang said: “It is a very high standard festival of independent filmmakers. There were 10 international movies from all over the world in the main competition. I have seen all of them, and I see a sentimental, exquisite, carefully prepared film festival. I am so glad to be here.”


Golden Aphrodite: Simshar (Malta)
Directed by Rebecca Cremona
Produced by Kukumajsa Productions

Best Director: Rebecca Cremona for Simshar (Malta)

Best Leading Actor: Panagiotis Vogopoulos for The Lion of Penteli (Greece)
Directed by Panagiotis Vogopoulos

Best Leading Actress ex-aequo:

Danai Androulaki for Anemistiras (Greece)
Directed by Dimitris Bitos

and Violeta Markovska for The Woman of My Life (Bulgaria, Macedonia, Romania, Iraq)
Directed by Antoniy Donchev
Produced by Ars Ltd.
Coproduced by KT Film & Media, Peter Film Production, Hawena Films and the Kurdistan Regional Government
Supported by the Bulgarian National Film Center

Best Script: Anastasia Kozimpa for Dark Illusion (Greece)
Directed by Manos Karystinos

Best Cinematography: Gergely Pohárnok, Jean-Paul de Zaeytijd and Dirk Rijneke for Silent Ones(Netherlands)
Directed by Ricky Rijneke

Best Production Design: Su Erdon and Jindaoxinxin for Ili River (China)
Directed by Wang Jingguang

Best Art Direction & Costumes: Maria Papadopoulou for Anemistiras (Greece)
Directed by Dimitris Bitos

Best Score: Ve Linhua for Ili River (China)
Directed by Wang Jingguang

Best Editing: Ricky Rijneke and Nina Petrovna for Silent Ones (Netherlands)
Directed by Ricky Rijneke

Nostimon Imar Award: The Winter (UK)
Directed by Konstantinos Koutsoliotas


CYIFF 2015 Got Talent

Best Short Film: Spooky and Linda (Switzerland)
Directed by Christian Wehrlin

Best Director in a First Short Film: Spooky and Linda (Switzerland)
Directed by: Christian Wehrlin

Best Cinematography in a First Short Film: Shadow Forest (Poland)
Directed by Andrzej Cichocki

Honorary Mention for the Story in a first animation short film: Oliloves (Greece)
Directed by Akis Melachris and Melissaropoulos

CYIFF 2015 Veteran’s Short Films

Best Veteran’s Short Film: The Story Teller (UK)
Directed by Andreas Sheittanis

Best Director: The Story Teller (UK)

Best Cinematography: Jeffrey Celis for The Story Teller (UK)


10th Cyprus International Film Festival

The 10th Cyprus International Film Festival was held in the romantic environment of “Technopolis 20″ in Pafos under the moonlight and the candlelight.

Several participants directors and cinefils attended the ceremony, as well as officials and press representatives, like Mr Giannis Anthis-Foreign relations of Municipality of Pafos, the Consul General of Malta Mr Michael J. Louisides and Fotis Nicolaides from Radio Pafos. The ceremony was presented by the director of the festival Petra Terzi with the representative of the independent jury Natalie A Dalheimer. Before the screening of the awarded short films “The Story Teller”, “Spooky & Linda” and the Golden Aphrodite winner feature film “Simshar”, there was a beautiful music program with Hercules Kyriakou and Irini Christou.

Declaration by VIP Member Jury Mr Xeyang Hu:

“My name is Xeyang Hu, a citizen of People’s Republic of China and by profession film director and producer, script writer and actor.
I am very honored to be a member of the Vip jury of the 10th Cyprus International Film Festival. It is a very high standard festival of independent filmmakers. There are 10 international movies from all over the world. I have seen all of them, and I see a sentimental, exquisite carefully prepared film festival, I am so glad to be here.
I am currently in Cyprus as I intend to prepare my next feature Film “IQ Zero”, an international co-production involving Chinese, European and US cinema agents. It will be a high budget project of about 10 million euros.

As Cyprus occupies a special geographical location at the junction of Europe, Asia and Africa and provides most of the specialized needs of this ambitious production we intend to shoot about 80% of the outdoor scenes locally. Of course we also plan to use a lot of the local production resources.

At this point I would like to stress the fact that our feature film, interalia, will promote the natural beauties and tourist facilities of Cyprus not only to the billion and a half market of China but also to the global market.”


Friday, 25 September 2015
FESTIVALS: Cyprus International Film Festival
by FNE Staff

CYPRUS: The tenth Cyprus International Film Festival (CYIFF) which runs 23-27 September is screening feature and short films in both Nicosia and Paphos.

The programme includes12 short films and 12 feature films. Ten of the feature films are competing for the Golden Aphrodite sections – The Best of the First, and the remaining films will compete in another four sections, the Veterna’s Short Film competition, the CYIFF Got Talent in Short Film Competition, the Veteran’s Documentary section and the CYIFF Doc Talent section.

The programme includes films from Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, England, Holland, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, India, Poland, Malta and China.

Representing Cyprus are Honey and Déjà vu, both directed by Hercules Kyriakou.

Another highlight of the festival is the screening of the 2014 Maltese drama Simshar directed by Rebecca Cremona and produced by Kukumajsa Productions Ltd Maltese entry for Foreign Language Oscar.

The films are screened with original dialogues and English / Greek subtitles.


MFI project awarded at Cyprus International Film Festival

MFI film A PLACE CALLED HOME (a.k.a. “The Tree and the Swing”) by writer/director Maria Douza (Greece) is the big winner of the 9th Cyprus International Film Festival 2014. The film received 7 awards including the GOLDEN APHRODITE award for Best Feature Film and the Award for Best Script.The other awards are: Best Leading Actress – Myrto Alikaki, Best Leading Actor – Elias Logothetis, Best Music Score – Anna Stereopoulou, Best Cinematography – Zaphiris Epaminondas, Best Production Design – for Steficon SA.The project has participated in the MFI Script 2 Film Workshops 2002 program.


ΑΛΗΘΕΙΑ (Κυριακη 3 νοεμβριου 2013)

reportaz alithia 46

CYIFF Awards Greetings

Jelena Bajić Jočić – Ice


Alexis Ponce – Welcome to the Show: Pavlos Sidiropoulos’ music legacy


Stefan Georgiou – Dead Cat


Vassilis Mazomenos – 10th day


Phillip Crawford – Rites of Passage


Venetia Evriiotou – Counting Happiness


Alexander Leontaritis – The Final Payoff


Tobias Tobbell – Confine


Lasse Lorenzen – Life


Interview: Michele De Angelis


Interview: Guillaume Levil


Interview: Miguel Miller


Interview: Jun Keung Cheung


Article: CYIFF RISING STAR – Rene Howen
Σκηνοθέτης / Ολλανδία


Ο Rene Howen είναι ένας Ολλανδός μουσικός, παραγωγός, συγγραφέας και σκηνοθέτης.Φέτος τιμάται με το πρόσφατα θεσπισμένο «CYIFF Rising Star» από το όγδοο Διεθνές Φεστιβάλ Kινηματογράφου Κύπρου.

Είναι στέλεχος της Films Schaftkip, η οποία είναι μια ανεξάρτητη ολλανδική κινηματογραφική εταιρία παραγωγής. Η Schaftkip Films διευθύνεται από τον σεναριογράφο / σκηνοθέτη Thijs Gloger και τον Rene Houwen. Η ταινία «Holland» (2009) σηματοδοτεί την πρώτη συνεργασία τους. Άλλες ταινίες που έκαναν μαζί είναι: «Prooidieren» (Prey, 2010), «Bebop» (2010) και «Steriel» (2011) με συμπαραγωγό την Petra Weggemans.

Το 2012 ο Rene Houen ήταν ο παραγωγός της ταινίας μεγάλου μήκους «Die Welt», σε σενάριο και σκηνοθεσία από τον Alex Pitstra, ο Thijs Gloger συνεργάστηκε ως συν-συγγραφέας και διευθυντής φωτογραφίας. Την ίδια χρονιά και συγκεκριμένα τον Οκτώβριο η ταινία-τρίπτυχο «Foreigners / Buitenlanders / Auslander», στην οποία συμμετείχε ως σκηνοθέτης διακρίθηκε στο Φεστιβάλ Ολλανδίας.

Η ταινία του «Ηρωίνη» έκανε πρεμιέρα στο Διεθνές Φεστιβάλ Κινηματογράφου Μόσχας, τον Ιούνιο αποσπώντας θετικές κριτικές. Η παρακολούθηση της ταινίας θα είναι διπλά έντονη αν γνωρίζετε σχετικά με το περιστατικό που ενέπνευσε Rene Houwen.Ήταν δεκαοκτώ ετών, όταν ο αδελφός του πέθανε από υπερβολική δόση ηρωίνης. Τριάντα χρόνια αργότερα ο Houwen αποφάσισε να αναδημιουργήσει μια ημέρα της ζωή ενός χρήστη, βασισμένος στην εικόνα του αδελφού του, έτσι όπως εκείνη χαράκτηκε στη μνήμη του όταν τον είδε για τελευταία φορά.


Interview: Vivek Singhania
Producer / India


What is your experience so far and what are your expectations for this year’s edition?

I have been traveling to film festivals as a producer with my films and always enjoyed the response and enthusiasm shown to them by viewers and juries and lately as a Jury member I have enjoyed viewing so many interesting films and interacting with so many new and highly talented filmmakers and cast and crew.


Interview: Christos Georgiou
Director / Cyprus


Being a many times award winner yourself,what would you say that makes an award winning movie?

An award winning film is a film that stands out from the rest and that wins the favour of the jury. This can happen for many reasons and each different jury forms a different set of criteria each time. For me essential elements are a film that succeeds in communicating and involving it’s audience in it’s «story».

You ’ve worked both in cinema and television. Which do you prefer the most and why?

There are many kinds of cinema and many kinds of television. I don’t think it’s fair to make a comparison across the board. I have been lucky enough to work on project that I have enjoyed and feel proud of in both.

Being a Cypriot born in London did you ever feel like an «outsider»?

I was born in London but I was brought up in Cyprus before returning to London and then to Leeds and then to Lodz in Poland for further studies. I am now based in Athens and travel frequently because of the demands of my work. In all these journeys there have been times that I have felt at home and other that I have felt as an outsider. I think it’s a feeling that has to do less with location and origin and more with state of mind. Something that changes all the time irrespective of where you are.

What criteria will you use in order to vote for Best Feature at this year’s Cyprus Festival?

For me essential elements are a film that succeeds in communicating and involving it’s audience in it’s «story».


Interview: Olympia Mytilineou
Director of photography / Greece


Why did you want to involve with the art of cinema and more specifically why did you become a photography director?

I guess my need to live. When you ‘re young trying to find your own «thing» it’s quite common for the «thing» to find you, when that happened, I felt then that I had a place there. I think what I see or I see what i think. All this light that penetrates into yourself every day, which is there when you wake up in the morning and reveals your everyday routine, manages your daily operations, pushes you to search. It is really worth to be involved with that. So by setting the light, you define your actions.

How is the «creative» collaboration with a director. To what extent influences your personal style?

This is how we enter the second question . Here comes the director finding between him and you a common ground. There is communication all along. We both experience the reality of the script, whatever that is. Everybody follows the original idea. The script defines the essence and the director defines the style.The photographer claims the visualization. The fulfillment of a dream. Through his own filter, his own soul .

What do you consider your top professional moment so far and why?

When we consider successful business? Isn’t every project a step further? A sequel to the thoughts and the solutions of these considerations? There is the inside world and the outside world. Whenever the public understands what you want to tell him is count as success. Understanding the language of your film is a success. I should mention the «Strella» by Panos Koutras and of course «Miss violence» by Alexander Avranas .

As a director of photography how would you capture today’s reality?

Whenever the representation of reality is done through photography, in a way that makes the viewer feel, what you want to tell him, to lead him to the environment you want to feel is for me always the goal. And this is what gives always room to dig and find new ways to express ourselves. To get closer to reality, to claim a piece of the dream . I feel, I sense, I use, I create…


Interview: Thomas Kindynis
Actor / Greece


What is your view on the current Greek cinema?

We are far from having a systematic course in contemporary cinema. Just some bouts but even these are not systematic and productive. Young artists today though make an effort which is remarkable mainly on documentaries.

How does your acting experience affect your direction?

Firstly the lack of acting experience makes impossible for someone to direct. You have to know the art of changing yourself and also the psychology of the actor which is not the easiest thing. My directing efforts were driven by the actor and his truth.

Do you believe that the arts of theater and cinema are able to survive today in countries affected by the global economic crisis?

Life does not stop and eventhough those arts are hardly challenged by the crisis, Ι believe that there is space for them to survive and the way to offer their valuable message. Firstly you need good organization and good cooperation, both factors are the fruit of knowledge.

Looking back to your career what were the main obstacles found on your way and how did you manage to overcome them?

One of the main obstacles was and still is the lack of funds. In order to overcome it, a calm way of thinking and good public relations are needed thus you will find money from other sources at least three to cope. Another obstacle is the relationships between people. We live in a time where people act out really intense even psychotic behaviours and you have to be armed with enough knowledge of human variability in order to avoid mishaps.


Interview: Oliver Kyr
Director / Germany


Where does the inspiration for your cinematic work come?

I believe that my stories are told THROUGH me, not BY me. The stories already exist, in another dimension or another conscience and choose to be told through my skills. Very often, the first glimpse on a story happens in dreams or nightmares where I see a situation or a certain character that draws my attention. When waking up, my mind tries to see through the picture in order to discover the unique story behind the scene I had just witnessed.

As a writer what is your writing process?

I force myself to write everyday. I am not “waiting for inspiration”. When writing, the story unfolds itself in the process. Of course, I have a rough idea of what is going to happen in the story. But the details and human behaviors very often happen IN the moment I do write them down.

What was your «top moment» shooting «The Big Black» and why?

As we had to shoot my debut feature, THE BIG BLACK, without funding and any financial support, we had to improvise with locations and some kind of Guardian Angel took us by the hand. When arriving at the location “by the sea” at night time (first take was planned for the next morning at 6), I saw blinking lights on the black surface of the water, some 100 meters away. I asked my location scout and he admitted that we are “not really by the sea, but this is also water”. It turned out we had to use an inlet as location, facing the other shoreline! Which was dissatisfying as the open sea was essential for the scene. The next morning, 5 minutes before first take, fog came up and hid the shoreline away and we had the perfect illusion of open sea. The Guardian Angel had showed up again!

You are participating in this year’s Festival of Cyprus as a judge. But you have participated as a candidate in many other festivals through all your activate years.Which do you think is harder?

I think, judging the work of others is harder than being a candidate. When judging and/ or supporting your own film, it is OK to be subjective. You love your film and your heart supports it. When judging others, you have to switch off your own taste, for example. You don’t like horror movies? Switch it off, should there be a horror movie in competition. You have to develop a feeling for the vision of the filmmaker and the amount of talent that shows through the whole picture.