Singapore’s special police unit received a line report to annihilate organized criminal groups in the local illegal activities, but in the operation there was an accident, the notorious human trafficker leader’s second son Shawn was killed by a mysterious man, a ready to smuggle the live kidney was also stolen. A few years later, Aron, the head of the Malaysian serious case team, successfully arrested the eldest son and right-hand man savior of the four-faced Buddha, Vincent, who was originally a member of the Singapore Special Police Force and applied to join the serious case team because he hated the actions of the four-faced Buddha’s to destroy humanity. Only for the hands of the four-sided Buddha arrested. At the same time, the four-faced Buddha finally found Yusoff, the former Singapore Special Police Force instructor hiding in Malaysia, who was the man who killed Shawn and stole the heart of life. He was willing to take risks, all for his daughter Aishah, only because her daughter was born with kidney disease. The four-faced Buddha held Aishah in exchange for rescuing the savior. Yusoff had no choice but to set up a bureau to hide Vincent and steal extradition secrets from him. On the other hand, the daughter of Malaysia Serious Crime Unit police officer Xie Zhongyi was abducted Missing In search of the whereabouts of his daughter, the suspect who abused violence and seriously injured him, He was removed from the police and jailed. ZhongYi in prison still did not miss a trace of the opportunity to find a daughter, He came close to the traffickers Ghost, gained his trust, and successfully joined his organization after his release from prison. When ZhongYi learned that the Ghost ordered to rob the prison car to save the savior, has been determined to force the savior to help himself to find his daughter. But will this war really uproot the root of evil?