God's painting

Description: This unique movie “Gods Painting” is based on the award-winning play written by Iakovos Mylonas. A touching comedy that shows all the changes that the arrival of a disabled child can bring to a family and how many wonderful moments we can live with them, when love prevails! A penetrating look at the world of the disabled and their families. The film combines comedy, emotions, reflection and the final catharsis. A play which brings forth the truth that the disabled citizens are not people of a lesser God. Dimitris returns to Greece after his mother’s death, planning to place his disabled sister in an institution so that he can live out his love affair with his girlfriend and future fiance Stella. But life has a different plan in store for him . In the paternal home, surprises await him. Surprises that will completely overturn his personal life and his view of the world. The Psychologist who supports both Dimitri and Theodora gets involved not only in their life but also in their hearts, and the plot continues… Comic incidents, blackmail, intrigues and love will compose a merry-go-round of revelations and unusual situations that will be difficult to untangle. In the midst of so many difficulties that exist in our lives, humour is the one emotion which can soften the harsh reality. Maria Christina Tzavara, turns into an all-white swan that with the wings of love flies over the obstacles of malice and social isolation. A clever directorial trick by Yiannis Kalogeropoulos, where the dance scene (Balley), expresses the shadow and the light with the final winner being the struggle to be rid of the limitations disabled life implies. Maria Christina Tzavara succeeds in conveying that very truth.

Yannis Kalogeropoulos: Director 
Iakovos Milonas: Writer 
John Chalkidis: Producer 

Starring: Iakovos MilonasKey - "Dimitris" 
Maria Christina Tzavara - "Theodora" 
Eftehea MeliKey - "Mother" 
Stefania Gournelou - "Dialexti" 
Evi KaradimaKey - "Stella" 
Spyros Bibilas - "National Opera Director" 
Mary Ananiadou - "Aunt" 
Christos Bilias - "Relaxed Medic Observer"
(FIlm Specs) 
Aspect Ratio Scope 2.39 
Shooting format 4K SONY RAW 
Graded as 2k Scope and 4K Scope separately 
Subtitles English, Greek Audio, 5.1 Surround

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